The VitaVibe Story

A mother-daughter duo driven by health, love, and consciousness that focus on radiating your outer beauty and nourishing your inner beauty. - Angie Lanfranco from the United Talent

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Co-Founder: Monsi

Monsi started her holistic journey in England over 30 years ago, where she was introduced to essential oils and fell madly in love with them. Since then she has become a mother, an aromatherapy healer & certified Pranic healer. Over the years she has used essential oils on herself, her children, and friends for anything from anxiety to scratches and burns, & even healing the effects of a bad chemical peel. “It’s been an inspiration and passion in my life. The best part is now being able to experience this with my daughter. When she started changing her lifestyle and we started working on VitaVibe, we realized we found a way to share what we love with others together.”

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Monsi's daughter, Carla started looking for natural skin care alternatives after becoming a yogini. During a visit to India she noticed the use of essential oils and natural organic ingredients in skin care products there. She realized that so many skin care products have unnecessary colors, alcohols, and harsh chemicals that counteract the effect of any good ingredients they had in them (and could also cause future harm). After searching markets, department stores, and the internet and not finding a pure product that worked for her, she went to Monsi for advice for her dry skin and the first VitaVibe product was born: The Magic Salve. Carla fell in love with the effects and so did her friends. One friend loved it so much she took it with her in this tube to Mount Everest Base Camp. VitaVibe became a passion project for Carla & Monsi. Soon they were creating together and now they have over 30 pure natural skin & hair care products.

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Namesake: Vita

VitaVibe is named after Monsi's mother and Carla's grandmother who they have always called Vita "Vee-Tah". Vita means life in Italian which is why they created VitaVibe in the first place: Vitality. Vita loves, trusts, and uses VitaVibe products. Her favorites are the Repair & Restore face oil and the Herbal Infused Shampoo Bar.

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Skin Care = Self Care = Self Love

Through the wonders of essential oils, VitaVibe is able to inspire love and self care with their products. Each VitaVibe product is labeled calming and or uplifting due to it's essential oil combination and comes with a personally selected affirmation or mantra to inspire & remind you to take a moment for yourself. Customers have said they keep their VitaVibe products at their desk, in their bags, by their bed, or on the plane. Dedicate 1 minute to close your eyes and repeat the affirmation while taking a deep inhale, long exhale and applying your favorite VitaVibe product.

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Our Promise





-ingredients from around the world

-Made in the USA

-Sulphate & Paraben FREE

-NO artificial chemicals, preservatives, dyes, or colors

-Therapeutic grade, hexane free, & PURE oils

-Inspired by SELF LOVE

-POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS with every product

-Handmade in SMALL BATCHES with love

by a MOTHER & DAUGHTER who love our products

and put our HEART & SOUL in everything we do.

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