Better than Botox Mixing Set

Better than Botox Mixing Set

Unveil Radiance with Our Limited Edition "Better than Botox" Mixing Set

Embark on a journey of elevated skincare with our exclusive "Better than Botox" Bowl Set, a lavish and limited-time indulgence with only 1 set remaining. This exceptional ensemble seamlessly integrates our Better than Botox Clay Mask and Love Toner, accompanied by a handcrafted ceramic bowl and a unique wooden spoon, sustainably made in Ecuador.

Rejuvenating Ritual: Mix a spoonful of the Better than Botox clay mask with a spoonful of Love Toner for a ritual that revitalizes your skin.

🌿 Better than Botox Clay Mask: Unlock the secret to radiant skin with our versatile clay mask. Experience the detoxifying and purifying properties that leave your skin glowing, providing a spa-like treatment in the comfort of your home.

🌹 Love Toner: Refresh your senses with the mist of our Love Toner throughout the day. Seamlessly incorporate it into your skincare routine for a hydrating boost. For the pinnacle of pampering, pair it with our Better than Botox Clay Mask.

🍶 Handmade Ceramic Bowl: Immerse yourself in a unique experience with our handmade ceramic bowl. Crafted from stoneware clay and fired in a gas kiln up to 2300°, each bowl is a masterpiece ranging between 3.5" and 4" in diameter.

🥄 Handmade Wooden Spoon: Elevate your mixing experience with our handmade wooden spoon, crafted sustainably in Ecuador. Each spoon is a unique work of art, adding a touch of nature to your skincare ritual.

🖌️ Signature Applicator Brush: Our vegan-friendly applicator brush, featuring soft yet sturdy bristles, ensures a seamless and easy application of your treatment mask. Elevate your self-care routine with this exclusive brush.

✨ This Limited Edition "Better than Botox" Bowl Set, now including a handmade wooden spoon, caters to all skin types. Act swiftly, as only 1 set remains! Elevate your skincare journey with this exclusive collection, embodying quality, craftsmanship, and the essence of self-care.