Shampoo bars…how to use them & why?

Why should I switch from bottled shampoo?

        1. The health reason why is that most liquid shampoos are filled with harmful chemicals and preservatives that over time can lead to cancer, depression, and other health issues. Parabens and sulphates are only part of the problem. Once people started avoiding those, some companies began to replace them with even worse chemicals, some of which are more dangerous and proven to lead to health issues. VitaVibe shampoo bars are organic, vegan, palm oil free, and free of synthetic colors and chemicals including sulphates & parabens. You can see each bars full ingredient list under their description.
        2. The environmental reason why is simply that we need to use less plastic and less shampoo bottles. They are a huge part of landfills. Imagine how many shampoo bottles one person uses in one lifetime. VitaVibe shampoo bars are an easy Eco-friendly swap.
        3. There is virtually no packaging. Our shampoo bars come in an eco-friendly cotton bag and are shipped in recycled/recyclable pouches or boxes. They are more compact and lightweight for shipping compared to liquid bottles.
        4. The primary ingredient in VitaVibe shampoo bars are the active ingredients. The primary ingredient in liquid soap is water.
        5. VitaVibe shampoo bars are TSA friendly and convenient for travel unlike liquid shampoo which are subject to being checked or taken at an airport security checkpoint. 

3 different ways to use VitaVibe shampoo bars:

Before trying any method you want to make sure your hair is thoroughly soaking wet. The shampoo bar is a concentrated form of shampoo so you need that extra water. This will also ensure a very nice lather.

  1. If you are new to shampoo bars, we recommend starting with trying this technique first. Try rubbing the shampoo bar in your hands to create lather. Use that lather of bubbles to gently rub in your hair from scalp to ends. Start from the top and then slowly rub down to the nape of your neck and ends of your hair. Use your fingers to comb the shampoo from the roots to ends. Try not to bunch or tangle your hair but comb from the top to the bottom. Then rinse and rinse again. The first time you use a shampoo bar, I would recommend washing 2-3 times and the most important step is to stay in the shower a little bit longer and rinse all the shampoo out until your hair is soft. 
  2. Once you have established a routine with your shampoo bar, most can wash and rinse normally by wetting hair and then rubbing the shampoo bar directly in your hair and rinsing. Some can do this the first time and have no transition period. Remember that rinsing is the most important step. 
  3. Another good method of using a shampoo bar is to put the bar in a bowl or jar, put that under your shower head and fill it with about an inch or 2 of water. Mix or shake well until the water is bubbly and soapy. Wet your hair well, then tilt your head back covering your forehead and pour the soapy water over your wet hair. Massage your scalp without bunching or tangling your hair and then rinse. You may choose to follow the rinse with apple cider vinegar (fill your bowl with half water and half ACV, pour over wet hair, and rinse).

We can’t stress this enough: Rinsing your hair is the most important step when using a shampoo bar; when you think you are done, rinse again.

We have found that there is usually little to no transition period in short and/or curly hair but if you have fine and/or long hair, you may need to try a few times with different methods to find what works best for you. Keep in mind, when you switch from toxic shampoo to non-toxic shampoo bars your hair is adjusting to years of chemicals and the shampoo bar will also change the PH level of your hair. Give it time and patience.

Which shampoo bar is right for me?

You can now try a bundle of 4. We have shampoo bars for all needs.

Curly hair? All VitaVibe shampoo bars will work for you!

If you have fine/or long hair we recommend starting with the El Verde shampoo bar which works for all hair types.

Dandruff or itchy scalp? Try the Tropicale de Cocco with tea tree or Cinnabar which contains eucalyptus.

Is your hair thinning? The rosemary, burdock,and castor oil in the Herbal Infused shampoo bar can help to thicken and add volume to your hair.

Color treated or dyed hair? We recommend the Cinnabar shampoo with shikakai and amla which maintains hair color.

What about conditioner?

VitaVibe shampoo bars are naturally conditioning because they use pure & organic ingredients to work with the natural oils in your hair and balance PH levels. The truth about liquid conditioner is it was invented in 1927 when people were noticing their hair and mustaches were dry from being stripped of their natural oils with toxic shampoos. Fast forward to the 21st century; we are looking for ways to repair that hair damage. When you are no longer stripping your hair of its natural oils with toxic chemicals, you will notice how little of that conditioner you will actually need.

Tips for hair after Shampoo bars:

  1. After using VitaVibe shampoo bars you usually will not need to wash your hair as often as you did with liquid soap.
  2. We recommend a monthly or bi-monthly apple cider vinegar rinse for hair health. After shampooing with the VitaVibe shampoo bar, fill a cup with half water and half apple cider vinegar and pour from the top of your head: hair roots to hair ends and rinse well.
  3. If needed, create a 1/2 teaspoon baking soda with water mixture, pour onto wet hair and massage it in before shampooing. Using baking soda in your hair can help to get rid of any greasiness or build up but we only recommend using it 1-3 times a year because it has a high PH level (9).
  4. Use a hairbrush with an open vented design or fine tooth comb to avoid build up. (Also removes moisture and speeds drying). Comb hair once in the morning and once in the evening.
  5. The nape of the neck seems to be where people with long straight hair may experience some build up. It is very important to make sure you are shampooing and rinsing this part of your hair/neck well and pay special attention to it.
  6. Your VitaVibe shampoo bar will last longest when kept out of the water and stored on an open rack. Something like this is a good option:

shampoo bar holder


Sulphate & Paraben Free, Organic, Vegan, Palm Oil Free, Eco Friendly, & Unisex

Which is your favorite VitaVibe shampoo bar? What kind of hair do you have? And what methods work best for you? Let us know in the comments below:

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  • I love alternating between the Tropicale de Cocco & Cinnabar! They smell amazing and leave my hair feeling & looking great. I have naturally thin hair and sometimes itchy scalp depending on the reason and these help a lot.

    My husband loves the Herbal Infused bar you help thicken his hair.

    My husband

    Maria Adela Ryan on

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